A Letter to Love

Thursday, August 24th, 2017

A letter to love

You have cradled me under dusky skies,
You enveloped me in grass nests and unmade beds
Struck me still and propelled me through
Melted time and dragged days
Filled me up with life and banished me to darkened caves
Threaded truth and lies into unseen webs
You tested my steps and made me walk
Paralyzed my thoughts

You have been my treasure hunt, my narrative, my downfall
You watched wet cheeks and muffled dreams
Hopes made and cut and left to bleed
You are a shift, a confrontation, a dizzying ride
Life standing bravely by my side
You made hot palms and messy nights
Drew soft lips and hard words
Wrote music that doesn’t shift, that must be heard
You danced a secret, a pulse in between

You made scars and breaks and opened eyes
Stepped with bare feet, grounding
You have never been Disney
You’re are a rhythm, a magic, a beat
A lie, a honesty
There is a tattoo of you in me
You saw feet touching in the night
You killed me and then gave me flight
You were silent in the most empty of times

You are my life, in blood and breath and tears
You have strengthened me
Locked me up and set me free.




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