I run Art Workshops and provide Private Tuition for children, teenagers and adults.

Illustration Course for Adults.

Introduction to Illustration – Character 2h
Develop and draw your own character. In this character development workshop you will learn new skills and techniques for creating and illustrating characters with their own unique personalities. We will work on drawing facial expressions, posture and shape and how different shapes and and features can influence how people perceive the personality of your character. By the end of this workshop you will have created and drawn your own awesome character and learnt techniques which will help you to create many more characters in the future.

Storytelling through pictures. 2h
Through exploring the work of a number of different illustrators and playing drawing games you will learn skills which will allow you to tell your own stories through visual communication. We will discuss how to construct a story from start to finish, how to convey the passing of time, movement, human emotion and story through pictures. You will create your own unique mini storyboards. We will look at how words can be inspired by pictures and then we will learn how to let words inspire our visual stories.

Bringing your own story to life. 2h
In this workshop you will explore the work of a number of different illustrators, taking inspiration from their own unique styles. You will then begin to create your own story, drawing upon skills we have learnt in the previous workshops. You will learn how to write for comics and then begin to visually map out your own first draft of your story. You will learn about how to draw the reader’s eye across the page, how to show different perspectives and how to pull your reader into your story. (exercise in perspective, closeups, wide-shots etc)

Light and Dark. 2h
In this workshop you will work on your comic strip drawing out your story in more detail. You will learn about shading and the importance of light and dark in storytelling. We will explore how shadow and shading can show the time of day, draw the reader’s eye in the direction you want it to go and set the mood of your story as well as breathing life into your work. By the end of this workshop you will have learnt lots about visual composition and shading and have a made a final first draft of your story.

Colour. 2h
In the first half of this workshop you will have the chance to play around with different paints, pens and coloured pencils. We will look at colour balance and which colours work well together and discuss how colour transforms the feel and look of an image. We will then draw on what we have learnt and add a splash of colour to our own comics. You can use whichever materials you feel most comfortable with or perhaps you will choose to incorporate a number of mediums. By the end of this session you will have created your own comic and learnt skills which will allow you to create many more in the future.

This week friends and family are invited to come along and see an exhibition of your work and enjoy an evening of yummy raw food and music.

Tuition in drawing, painting and making.


Drawing and painting; is about learning to look at the world through open eyes and to notice the light and the shadows, the giant shapes and the intricate details in our every day environment. I encourage my students to develop their drawing and painting skills through drawing games and exercises. I also encourage lessons to take place both at home or at my studio and on trips to interesting places around the city such as the Sacchi Gallery, Tate Modern, Tate Britain, The British Museum, V&A, Regents Park and The Natural History Museum.

My lessons are designed to promote creativity and artistic talent, to extend your knowledge of art and develop your drawing and painting skills in a comfortable and fun environment.


I create unique arty parties for both children and adults. I can come to your home, school or venue and run a fun workshop for you and your friends to enjoy. You can choose from the workshops below or I can design a workshop for you. 

Alice in Wonderland.

Alice in Wonderland Mad-hatters clay party.

Be inspired by Lewis Carolls brilliantly imaginative Alice in wonderland and create your own artistic interpretation of the mad-hatters tea party using clay and paint.

Treasure Islands

Build your own island complete with wild sea’s, deep dark forests, rapid rivers and diamond caves, using a mix of materials such as wood, foam-board, moss, clay and paint.

Magical poetry and potion pots.

Try your hand at calligraphy as you conjure up a poetic spell and paint your own stained glass potion pot which will be the envy of even the most experienced witches and wizards.

Mosaic wall hangings.

Try your hand at the ancient art of mosaic. You and your friends can design and create your own unique mosaic wall hangings.

Jewellery making. 

Jewellery making workshops can be designed to suit your own unique style and interests. The jewellery can be inspired by a story or designer and can be made using a wide variety of materials.


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